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An Effective Fence Repair Company

Weather, age, and the unexpected can all damage the fences around your yard. If you need a professional service for fence repair in San Diego, Fence Masters has you covered. We can fix broken slats and replace damaged sections to get your fencing back to normal.

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A Broken Fence Is a Real Eyesore!

You purchased your fence to add security and visual appeal to your property. Damaged fencing has the opposite effect, providing access to your location and making it look run down. The Fence Masters team can come to your rescue when the unexpected happens. Let us assess the damage and explain your repair options. It won’t be long until your fence is looking as good as new.

The Right Choice for Fence Repair in San Diego

Whether you need chain link, wood, or vinyl fence repair at your property, our team can get it done. Fence Masters has decades of experience and deep knowledge of fence materials and techniques.

Seasoned Experts

With more than 40 years of expertise in the fencing industry, we guarantee your fence repair will be carried out to perfection.

Efficient Project Management

Our efficient workflow guarantees a timely project completion without sacrificing excellence.

Instant Estimates

We will assess your project and provide an immediate quotation during our initial consultation.

Premium Products

We only use durable, high-quality products in our work, including Duramax vinyl fencing.

Attention to Detail

Every detail of your fencing project is attended to with the highest level of care and precision, leaving no room for errors.

Customer-Centered Approach

Our team’s primary focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction, tailoring every project to exceed your expectations.

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Recent Fence Projects

You can always expect exceptional results from our team. You will appreciate our attention to detail and high level of customer care. Check out some of our recent projects below:

Outstanding Fence Repair Services: Guaranteed

Our industry expertise empowers us to go beyond standard expectations in fencing guarantees.

Our Fence Masters Labor Warranty

We give you a firm 5-year promise on the work we do for your fence or gate job. If any problems come up, we’ll fix them fast!

Duramax Lifetime Guarantee

Duramax, our vinyl fencing supplier, supports its products with a lifelong, transferable, full warranty. Your fence will last you many years.

The Fence Masters Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re all in for exceptional results, so we give a no-strings-attached satisfaction promise. You don’t pay the final invoice until you are completely satisfied with our work.

Do You Need Fence Repair Services?

Fence damage doesn’t need to be permanent. The Fence Masters team can provide repair solutions that will restore your fencing to its former glory. Get back the privacy, security, and visual appeal of an unbroken fence. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Questions About Fence Repair?

Below Are Some Common Questions about Fence and Gate Repair

We repair all the fence materials we install including vinyl, aluminum, wood, and chain link.

Fence repair is a good option when there is minimal damage. With extensive damage, you may want to consider a replacement. Replacement may also be the best option if you have an older fence model that is no longer manufactured.

The time frame for your fence repair depends on the availability of materials and the extent of the project. We know security is an issue with a broken fence or gate, so we aim to get the work done as soon as possible.

The cost of a fence repair project depends on both material costs and project size. At your initial consultation, we will get to know your property and offer an on-the-spot estimate.

A property owner may be able to get away with a DIY repair for a few missing slats. However, professional fence installers understand the techniques and materials necessary for a long lasting result.

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Our Services

Fence Masters is the team for comprehensive fence services in San Diego County. You can depend on us for perfect results every time.

Contemporary white vinyl fence surrounding yard

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences offer a modern and clean look for your home. They are maintenance-free and resilient, promising lasting elegance with minimal effort.

Fence built from wood. Outdoor landscape. Security and privacy c

Wood Fences

Wooden fences lend a classic and traditional appeal to your home. We can install and repair vertical as well as horizontal wooden slats for your fencing, using a variety of wood types.

Black Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences provide a cost-effective option if your primary concern is protection and security. They effectively demarcate your property boundaries.

Black Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fences

Our aluminum fences are durable, secure, and bestow a timeless aesthetic to your home. With minimal upkeep, they can retain their excellent condition for years to come.

Automatic Sliding Gate and house, 3d illustration

Automatic Gate Services

We specialize in the installation and repair of automated gates. Our expertise encompasses both swing and rolling driveway gates, all designed to enhance the security of your property.